Greenland Mikis Fjord Unclimbed Peaks


Lying to the north of the large fjord of Kangerlussuaq on Greenland’s east coast are a number of smaller fjords – Mikis being one of them – all offering a heavily glaciated,  mountain wilderness environment that is rarely visited. This expedition will utilise a yacht to access this very remote area of mountain wilderness from the village of Flateyri in NW Iceland. The yacht will then and act as a mobile base camp by moving to different anchorages to support the climbing – the objective being to attempt as many peaks as time, weather and conditions allow.


Day 1 A dramatic and beautiful journey by road from Reykjavik to Flateyri (close to the town of Isafjordur) in the West Fjords region of NW Iceland – which will take approximately 6 hours. Here we will board the yacht Iorana with its captain Vicente Castro.

Days 2-3 This is the first part of the sailing section of the trip. Once preparations are complete and there is a favourable weather forecast we will make the 300km crossing of the Denmark Straight – the name given to the section of the North Atlantic Ocean separating Greenland from NW Iceland. This will be continuous travel under sail, motor or a combination of the two depending on conditions and should take roughly 36 hours.

Days 4-13 This section of the trip is devoted to climbing with some transiting on the yacht between one location and another. The aim is to tackle small groups of non-technical peaks in Mikis Fjord by utilising different anchorages in the fjord to be dropped ashore to attempt as many objectives as time and conditions allow..

Days 14-15 At the end of our time in the mountains we will exit Mikis Fjord and make a second crossing of the Denmark Straight back to Iceland.

Day 16 The return journey back to Reykjavik by road.


With no technical climbing and low altitude this trip is suited to mountain lovers who wish to experience the isolation of this Arctic wilderness.


The yacht will act as accommodation for the sailing section of the trip, with camping in tents while ashore on the mountain. There is no accommodation provided in Reykjavik, leaving you to make your own arrangements to fit in with flights and how long you wish to stay before or after the trip.

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